Hector-JairoMy name is Hector-Jairo, 26 years old. I was born in Colombia and raised in New Jersey. I call New York City home. I believe in the goodness and power of people, in democracy and it’s power to shape society. I was taught to work to create a world that I wanted to live in, for me that is a world where all are included. I am a student at City University of New York (CUNY) pursuing a degree in Political Philosophy and Psychology.

What is motivating you to participate in this action?

I see New York as my home, the people around me as part of my community. All us from different walks of life coming together to make this city come to life and supporting each other.

On Tuesday, September 5, the day DACA got repealed, New York City showed up and remind me that I am not alone. In the morning I saw Fifth Avenue being shut down, in the afternoon City Hall echoed with chant “No Hate, No Fear, Immigrants Are Welcome Here” and in the evening we marched together over the Brooklyn Bridge to the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall. It uplifted me, and transformed my experience of this such uncertain times. It reminded of a strength that comes when we gather together to face injustices and build a foundation base on care and respect.

Then on Saturday, when we gathered at Columbus Circle, New York showed up again with bigger numbers. We marched from Columbus Circle up Central Park West. My city showed me that it stood with me, to not lose hope, and to do something.

It led me to become inspired and activated. I became involved with the SEED Project who is fighting for the permanent protection, dignity and respect for the undocumented youth and then our the undocumented immigrant community.

This action, is me showing up to my city and saying I heard you loud and clear. Time for us to change. Together we can face these challenging times and make a conscious shift to end the fear and hate being pushed onto our communities and to uplift each other.

Today, I stand in my city calling to the broader community to show up and take a stance. To join our call to end the persecution of undocumented immigrant community, the youth and all that have made this country their chosen home. I call on my city and broader community to stand up for all of those in their lives who are immigrants and to challenge the hate and prejudices against them. I call on my fellow immigrants to have hope and raise their voices and stand up for their worth.

In one sentance, what is the message you are trying to send the general public?

Stand with us, help us create a present where all immigrants can live without fear! Let’s uplift each other and create a democracy that values all that live in it.

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