Jeffrey FuentesMy name is Jeffrey. I am 27 years old. I was born in Arlington, VA but my mother came here from El Salvador in 1982.

What is motivating you to participate in this action?

Seeing my family and friend’s living in fear and paranoia when leaving the house to do everyday things like work, going to school, or even going out to have fun is in no way right nor a way to live. Watching the people rise up and stand against to this injustice motivated me to take part in this building momentum for a better change. The life draining frustration with congress’s inability to respect and protect undocumented folks by giving them empty promises, making them compromise with strict conditions, or even pushing back the date that determines their lives needs to stop.

In one sentence, what is the message you are trying to send the general public?
If you are bothered in any way with families being torn apart and how marginalized people are being targeted then im asking you to please join the cause because its always been the people who changes this nation for the better and we need you.

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